Skylark Partnership

Skylark Partnership

We are glad to announce our partnership with Skylark international education services.

Skylark is the first accredited education provider by AdvancED and offers a unique spectrum of educational services and academic training for students, teachers and educational institutions. Skylark’s goal was to provide unique, high quality educational services at every level.

A skylark is confident in its selection of fine teachers who possess: outstanding credentials and teaching experience;competence using well-reviewed, modern teaching aids and materials; and ability to manage a clean, efficient and technologically advanced learning space.

As part of partnership, Skylark and iXDev will offer the necessary tools for learning which are mandatory for future generations of leaders. We will also promote the use of educational tools for students and educators.

iXAcademy and Skylark will pave the way for community success through outreach programs to local schools and businesses, teacher certification programs, and public access courses on parenting skills, emotional intelligence and leadership development.

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