Introduction to ERP (101)


Management software like ERP become essential for today’s companies to be able to compete in a fast moving market and address operation challenges, it also support making the right decision based on actual data not based on experience only, moreover it empower organisations and employees in making the right move in the right time to be able to perform better and grow faster.

It is important of all levels of business parties to understand how to benefit from the use of ERP technology and utilise its features to achieve organisation goals in a better way.

Students will be able to identify the importance of digital transformation to their organisations and the opportunities to enhance their work environment and process by using the latest ERP technology to keep-up with the current demanding market and globalisation.

Audience: Students, Fresh Graduates, Company Owners, Entrepreneurs, Startups, Decision Makers.

Learning outcome:

Day 1:

  • To learn decision making process and types in companies;
  • To learn what is ERP;
  • To understand ERP architecture and components and Modules;
  • To know ERP Vendors
  • To be able to compare between ERP types (Cloud & on-Premises);
  • To be able to calculate TCO (Total Cost of Ownership);
  • To learn how to calculate ROI (Return of Investment);

Day 2:

  • To comprehend the technical aspects of ERP systems;
  • To understand concepts of re-engineering and how they relate to ERP system implementations;
  • To learn how to conduct Gap analysis;
  • To be able to map business processes using process mapping techniques;

Certificate: The students will receive an attendance certificate from (iXDev / iXAcademy).