CO-DE Program Change stage (Programmers)

CO-DE program aimed to develop future technology innovators by teaching students between 8 – 15 years old how to use computer programming languages to develop and produce creative software applications to solve society problems and to become technology producers and inventors, not only typical technology consumer’s.

CO-DE Program is developed by Skylark International (Accredited by AdvancED)

CO-DE Change Stage syllabus:-

CO-DE Change stage is aimed to get the students to learn how to develop Mobile Applications that can solve a life problem or an issue, the students will learn how to explore more options and create innovative and creative ideas that solve the problems they choose by using the latest technology of mobile application development.

– Introduction to Mobile Application Development.
– Mobile Application Development Concepts.
– Mobile Applications Standards.
– Using Programming Components.
– Choose the application idea.
– Discuss the problem, and find the solution.
– Design the application.
– Application Coding.
– Testing the Application and fix bugs.
– Tring different scenarios on the application.
– Guide to add more application features and validation.
– Handling Application Errors.
– Application Final Version.
– Testing Workshop between groups.
– Groups Feedback.
– Nominate the Best Application.
– Final Closing and Awards.

By the end of CO-DE program stage, we will notice student’s personality change, his capability of innovative thinking and his strong ability to develop a complete software application to solve certain issues with a creative method by using advanced computer programming languages for web and mobile.

Certificate: The students will receive an international recognised certificate from (Skylark /AdvancED and, iXDev /iXAcademy).